wednesday, 5TH aug 2020 | DURATION: 2 HOURS
6pm London
7pm Johannesburg
9pm Dubai
Learn how to use 2 Simple but highly effective strategies to increase your daily earnings as 
used by Professional Traders and Investors.

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Did you see a slowdown in your Business or face a loss of earnings in your job during the 2020 Global Virus Pandemic?

This was a difficult time for people all over the world.

However, during this time, we showed ordinary people just like you how to earn over $200+ per day whilst staying at home. There was no need to sell any products or services and you did not need to create any websites or adverts.

In this New Webinar, we will cover the importance of Time Cycles and why we have seen the outbreak of the Covid 19 Virus but also why this is likely to happen again this year at least for 16 months.

Understanding where we are going for the future helps by looking at Cycles of past pandemics and how re-occurring cycles have helped pick turning points for the future. We will also look at the importance of the US Dollar and Oil as an economic weapon and what this means for you. 

Also, you will see why Banks are likely to face more difficulties and decide if this is the right time to invest in Gold.

You will see how Strategy 1 is used for Daily Income Profits and how it can help you generate returns of over $200+ every day. And you will also see how Strategy 2 can help produce profitable opportunities that can return $400 - $1200 per day.

And this Webinar will also take a look at the Property Sector and Interest Rates outlook along with which sectors and jobs are likely to do well and which ones are heading for a deep recession.

This Webinar will help you to see where we are heading during 2020 as well as what to expect in 2021.
Wednesday, 5th August 2020
6pm London/ 7pm Johannesburg/ 9pm Dubai
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✔️How To - 
capture significant results from the current market movements. We have seen historical movements in the Global Financial Markets including Stocks, Gold and Oil as well as many important Currencies. This webinar will show you how previous attendees have managed to create benefits from the markets.
✔️Understand -
how and why the Coronavirus will change the landscape for jobs and the economy. This is a major disruption if you are not prepared for phase two which is why you need to change the way you think about your career.
✔️Get -
an outlook of what the year ahead will bring and what you need to do right now to protect yourself financially.
✔️Discover -
how to generate consistent daily benefits from the market using simple trading strategies that can be learned as well as applied immediately. Instead of being fearful, this is a time to be creative and resourceful.
✔️Know which -
markets are currently offering beneficial prospects daily. Importantly, you will also see which markets to avoid to minimise risk.
✔️Learn -
how not to panic but rather set your FEAR aside instead of freezing up: don’t miss this opportunity to see what is ahead for the coming months.
There are phenomenal movements right now where people are using the volatility to capture incredible returns from these Global Financial Markets.

Instead of being led by a fear-based emotion and living in a state of uncertainty this period of time is now at a historical all-time high of panic and disruption. This would be a good time to look ahead and see what tools you can use to create an alternate contingency plan. 
Sandy Jadeja
Sandy Jadeja is the Chief Market Strategist for the Financial Market. He has been involved with financial markets for over 35 years and is a respected and widely recognized analyst and an industry experienced trainer. 

His insights have been featured in leading media outlets such as The Financial Times, The Telegraph, Barron’s, The Australian Financial Journal, Futures Magazine, Shares Magazine, Dow Jones News, Reuters TV and The BBC. He has also presented weekly analysis for over 16 years on CNBC Europe and CNBC Dubai. His research has also been shared for Global Fund Managers at Oxford University as the first keynote guest on Technical Analysis.  

Focused on safer trading and risk control, Sandy will share proven trading strategies that best suit your needs and trading style for your trading business.  

Sandy Jadeja has been one of Success Resources’ highly sought after and widely attended speakers.  
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Vitini Lin

"What I love about Sandy's course is the realisation that we need to find our purpose."

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"Sandy's class is fun, simple & magical!"


"Sandy's system is incredibly easy to use. Being successful is 80% psychology and 20% the actual mechanics and technology."

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